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Tourist Guide Training

As member of the Institute of Tourist Guiding (ITG), the standard-setting body for the tourist guiding sector, with a teaching certificate and B.Ed degree I am qualified as an Institute trainer. The highest accreditation is the Level 4 Blue Badge Guide qualification. 

A South West Blue Badge programme, which was the first full SW course to be run in the region since 2001, recently concluded in April 2014. Further courses may be run subject to demand.

Training services:- 

  • Presentation and Communication Training  1- or 2 day sessions 
  • Bespoke in house tour guide training non- ITG accredited  
  • Advice and help with setting up ITG accredited tour guide training for national qualifications:-  
  • Level 2: Fixed Route Commentary, Interpretation & Presentation Training tailored to the needs of a specific organization : such as cathedrals, churches, stately homes, museums and galleries and those offering fixed route tours such as open top bus tours or river trips 
  • Level 3: Flexible Route Commentary, Heritage Interpretation & Presentation: such as walking tours within city or town centre, countryside walks. Assessment is required on both a walk and a given site of local importance. A site may be a cathedral, a church, stately home or a museum/art gallery or whatever is most important to the area.
  • Level 4 Blue Badge: where apart from area-specific in-depth knowledge, a course participant will be trained in all aspects of guiding techniques: on site, such as churches and/or cathedrals, stately homes, museums and art galleries, whatever is of importance within the area; on foot, in an urban environment, in the countryside and on a moving vehicle. 


Absolutours - professional uk blue badge tour guide since 1998

Absolutours - Professional UK Blue Badge Tour Guide Since 1998


Absolutours - Professional UK Blue Badge Tour Guide Since 1998


Viv Robinson is a member of the Guild of Registered Tourist Guides, the Institute of Tourist Guiding and the Federation of Small Businesses link to guild of registered tourist guides link to the Association of West Country Tourist Guides link to Institute of Tourist Trading


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